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Unlock Your Soul Business With Hypnosis

What if I told you the secret to unlocking your soul aligned business?

In today’s world, being our own boss has become more accessible than ever. There are apps for everything you need, a coach for every step of the way, and then there is hypnosis- the key to syncing your subconscious programming up with the business you’re so passionate about. 

If you’ve read my past blogs or newsletters, you are aware that 88-90% of our mind is run by our subconscious. The other 10-12% of your conscious mind knows your dreams and soul purpose, and it has the desire to put that into business- where you are able to not only make a living, but thrive doing what you love. But there’s a block. Perhaps it’s fear of failure, fear of success, or of the unknown. Maybe it’s a scarcity or lack  mentality. And there is absolutely no shame in anything that is potentially getting in the way. We’re all human. But there is a solution. 

By using the power of hypnosis we will access your subconscious, create new neural pathways and implant the new story or belief that lines up with that dream business of yours. By replacing your old story or programming with the story that you want your life to look like, nothing can stop you. Let me tell you why. 

There’s this part of the brain called the reticular activating system. The function of this system in our brain is to pick up the stimuli in our surroundings that corroborate our subconscious beliefs. So if I have a belief implanted into my subconscious (with my permission of course), that I’m a successful business woman making big money doing what I love, my reticular activating system will pick out the stimuli that back up that belief and filter everything else out. THIS IS WHY HYPNOSIS WORKS MAMI.

Where you are in your life right now is a reflection of your subconscious beliefs. And maybe you’re already living out your dream! Or perhaps you're content but have that thought in the back of your mind of “What if I could make money doing what I love? What if I was my own boss and made WAY more money than being someone else’s employee? What if I can do what I love and thrive?” 

One of the most common regrets among the elderly is not doing what they were passionate about in life. Let’s take that lesson from them, empower ourselves, reprogram our subconscious minds and live out our passions!

If you’re ready to commit to your soul business, book a free Discovery Call at . 

I wish you a life where all of your true desires come true.

Love & Light,

Julia Viola Sokol, CHt

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