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Julia Viola offers the following types of sessions-

Image by Alexandru-Bogdan Ghita

Discovery Call
What to expect

This brief session is designed for us to connect, discuss your goals, and explore how hypnotherapy can support you in achieving personal growth, overcoming challenges, and unlocking your potential. We'll chat about your interests, concerns, and what you hope to accomplish through hypnotherapy. This call serves as an opportunity for us to get to know each other, allowing you to ask questions and gain insight into the transformative possibilities of hypnotherapy. 

Image by Ilze Lucero

Initial Session 
What to expect

This initial session is about establishing rapport, understanding your unique needs, and introducing you to the power of hypnotherapy as a tool for personal growth and transformation. I'll be doing some testing to better understand how you take in information, so that I may communicate with and hypnotize you the most effectively. 

Image by Aaron Burden

Recurring Client Sessions
What to expect


Welcome back to your ongoing hypnotherapy sessions! Building on our previous work, these sessions are tailored to your evolving needs and aspirations. We'll continue exploring your subconscious, working on specific goals, and employing tailored techniques to further enhance your positive change. Each session is an opportunity to reinforce and expand upon the transformations you've already experienced. 

All sessions include a recording of your hypnosis to further it's efficacy.

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