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"Forge Your Own Realm Of Existence"


Your Certified Hypnotherapist

I'm so happy you finally made it! I've been waiting patiently for you to find your way here. 

As I was meant to be a hypnotherapist, you were meant to find me. And this is why-

With the power of hypnosis, we are going to reprogram your subconscious mind with the beliefs that will sync up your dreams with your reality.  


Hypnotherapy is going to increase your confidence and self-image, help you to overcome fears, achieve your goals and aid you in becoming unlimited to live the life of your dreams. And expect to feel a deep sense of calm, peace and relaxation as a biproduct.

Imagine if you never updated your phone or computer. Our brains are no different. Think of this as your dream syncing update. 


Hypnosis is like a mind update, by creating new neural pathways that instill the behaviors and habits that you want to have, and by getting rid of the ones you don't want to have.  


So let us make use of this ancient tool to update your mind, behaviors and beliefs. As your Certified Hypnotherapist, I'm going to guide you as you walk the path to your ideal version of success. 

Let's Get It!
  • Build Self- Confidence

  • Overcome fears and anxieties

  • Sync up your subconscious programming with your soul aligned business

  • Replace Limiting Beliefs with Desired Beliefs

  • Achieve Personal Idea of Success


What Hypnosis Is and Is Not

Hypnosis is a normal, natural state that we all go in and out of daily. In short, it's a state of narrow focus.  Have you ever watched a movie and felt an emotion from it? Have you ever been mesmerized by a fire or flame of a candle? These are examples of everyday hypnosis. It's not mind control. I can't make you do or say anything you wouldn't do or say in your wide awake state. You will not quack like a duck or bark like a dog. And contrary to popular belief, it only works if you want it to. In reality, hypnosis gives you more control over yourself and your life. You tell me what you want to achieve, and we work together to make that change happen. You'll see, it'll be much easier than you may think. I look forward to helping you on your journey of transformation!

Image by Toa Heftiba
Image by Jack B

Ayla, Austin, TX

My experience with Vi and hypnotherapy was amazing. Her communication was gentle yet confident! She was very kind throughout and really heard what I was looking to work on. During the sessions she created such a safe space to experience hypnosis and created ease during a vulnerable space. She really helped me move through blockages I’ve been trying to work through. 

Camille Francis, Austin, TX

Hypnosis with Vi changed my life. The way she worked with me shifted something in my brain. It’s slow to unfold and you definitely have to put in the effort on your own time as well, but the foundation she helps you create for healing is phenomenal. I truly believe that this is a professional who has found their niche in the world from where they can really help people. I’m so grateful for the experience, the space, and the results.

Tiffany Meese, Austin, TX

I've had such a wonderful experience working with Vi. She has such a positive and calming presence. She has really listened to everything I've wanted to work on and incorporated it beautifully in our hypnosis sessions. Since working with her, I've begun to feel more joy in my life, have a weight lifted, have been a better wife and mom, and have begun to make progress in my career endeavors. I look forward to continuing my work with her!

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