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Why Hypnotherapy Vs Traditional Talk Therapy?

Updated: Jan 31

What’s the point in choosing hypnotherapy versus traditional talk therapy? Maybe you’ve had success with talk therapy and it’s comfortable for you. Maybe you have fear about being hypnotized and losing control. Maybe you’ve heard horror stories on the news, seen the movie ‘Get Out’ or had a strange experience at a stage show. 

I’m here to tell you that your fear is valid and I’m also here to tell you why hypnotherapy is a better alternative to plain talk therapy. 

Hypnosis is a tool akin to the ‘Force’ in Star Wars. It can be used for good or for evil. Some real life examples of it being used for evil span from the way the news is portrayed to some of the messed up stuff they did in MK Ultra. (That’s a whole other blog in itself). 

Some real life examples of it being used for good are helping people quit smoking, improving mood, relieving anxiety and depression, creating healthy coping mechanisms, and the list goes on and on. In actuality, it’s helping you gain control of yourself and your life. 

I am here to use the ‘Force’ for good. 

My mission as a hypnotherapist is to enhance the quality of life of everyone I work with; to aid in others attaining Higher levels of existence and to aid in the evolution of humankind. 

If you are someone trying to improve your life, hypnotherapy is for you. 

Traditional talk therapy has its benefits, but hypnotherapy is a way to make changes rapidly. It’s common for someone to have a breakthrough in one hypnosis session that may have taken months or even years if they were working on the same thing in talk therapy. 

Hypnotherapy goes straight to the core of your issue and solves it. You can achieve much more, with much faster results when you access your subconscious mind. After all, it is estimated that 88-90% of our total mind power lies in the subconscious. Hypnosis is the key to unlocking this part of our minds that is ultimately running the show. Here’s some proof of this-

“Alfred A. Barrios conducted a groundbreaking study in 1970. After comparing 1,018 studies and articles on hypnosis, 899 articles on psychoanalytic therapy and 355 on behavioral therapy (ex- CBT), he found that hypnotherapy had a 93% success rate after just 6 sessions, compared to a 72% success rate with behavioral therapy (22 sessions) and only a 38% success rate with traditional talk therapy (600 sessions).”

You likely won’t solve your issue in one hypnosis session. I wish I had a magick wand to just rid you of all of your issues, though I don’t. But think about how many days, months or years it took for the issue to develop. The fact that you can solve something like that in an average of 6 sessions is pretty amazing! 

The why is in the numbers. Positive change and transformation don’t have to take months, years or decades of talk therapy anymore. If you’re interested in partaking in the new paradigm of self change and discovery through the power of hypnosis, book a free Discovery Call with me on my website, and stay curious!

Love & Light,

Julia Viola Sokol, CHt

@ BlackCatHypnosis

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